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Dak Prescott a polarizing player. A large part of that is because he’s a Cowboy. Cowboys tend to be either loved or hated. People have extreme emotions about them. Another factor is that he’s a really good real-life QB, but he’s also an inconsistent one, who can have really bad games. These often come in the playoffs, so his bad games are more memorable. He used to have a decent amount of rushing upside, and though that has decreased, he does still run. His Keep Trade Cut ranking and Sleeper ADP have him falling to the 4th round. At that price, buy low on Dak Prescott.


Dak Prescott just came off of a season where he was the fantasy QB3 and in the MVP conversation. This was a season when the coach said they were going to try to slow down the passing offence. In fact, in every season he’s played 16 games or more, he’s been top 10 in all but one season. And of the two seasons where he did not play 16 games or more, one of them was one where he was QB1 in average points per game before his major injury. Dak is a solid QB1 or an amazing QB2 in dynasty Superflex leagues. As a recent Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award winner, his character is unlikely to be an issue. He’s also only 30 years old. For many football players, this may seem old, but at the QB position, he is likely to still have many years left as a starter. And you should not be playing in 10+ year windows. Way too many things change in that time frame.


Say what you will about the Cowboys and their inability to win in the postseason (which doesn’t matter for fantasy anyway), but they’re a well-run organization. They rarely ever get high draft picks because they always do well. Over the past few years, they’re the best regular season team after the Kansas City Chiefs. Jerry Jones will make sure the team is well-equipped. So as long as Dak is playing there, he should find himself set to succeed.

That being said, there’s a chance he ends up walking in free agency this upcoming season. Many use this as an argument against Dak, but I don’t see it negatively. Any team willing to pay top dollar for Dak Prescott is likely one who plans on competing immediately. That could include teams like the Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets (if Aaron Rodgers retires), or the Pittsburgh Steelers. If Dak lands in any of these spots, he’d continue to be able to produce in real life and for fantasy football.


Dak should not be falling past the second round in Superflex startup drafts yet he regularly does. It’s very difficult to find two QBs that you can set and forget in Superflex leagues. So the fact that you can get Dak as your second QB in the 4th round is an unfair advantage to any team that gets him there.