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Find the best and worst matchups in fantasy football this week with the Week 11 IDP Matchup Guide. 

Another week is here and now it’s time to look at some of the best and worst fantasy football matchups in my Week 11 IDP Matchup Guide. This article will look at the points per game allowed by each opponent. I should not say that the player included in the graphic is not the only player on that team to play that specific position, they are merely my preferred option, feel free to sub in your preferred player. The percentage listed is the opponent’s deviation from the median points allowed against the specified position.

*The graphics below will show the player in question. The data under them highlights their opponent and what percentage their opponents typically perform in from the standard deviation. The number next to their name is their matchup rank. Rank 1 is the easiest matchup, Rank 32 is the toughest matchup. 2023 stats from Sleeper Fantasy IDP leagues with standard scoring.

Fantasy Football Week 11 Matchup Guide


Defensive Backs

Defensive Linemen