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A salacious reddit post has recently popped up on the fantasy football social media radar. A fantasy manager has offered a night in bed with his wife in exchange of pushing through a trade in his fantasy football league. This post has recently made the rounds through a littany of fantasy analysts, reposting with their own perplexed reactions. It reminded me of the 1993 film Indecent Proposal, wherein Robert Redford offers a newly married couple one million dollars to be able to sleep with the wife, as portrayed by Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore. For context, here is the post:

I was equally stupefied when I first saw the post, but my gut instinct as an experienced fantasy football commissioner was that because goods or rather in this case, services, would be exchanged outside of the league, this qualifys as collusion. It’s in the same vein, though clearly to a far lesser degree, as offering to pay a manager’s buy-in to push a trade through. For me this is against the rules in my leagues, and I would generally veto the trade.

However, upon further consideration, I normally fall in the camp of ‘never veto’. I also must admit, I am somewhat impressed by his dedication to the league and to his team’s success. Even in a situation where his wife and he are swingers, it is no small ask to share your marriage bed. However, in fairness to the league, I would ask if he’d be willing to have every manager trade him one of their star players for one of his average to above average starters, in exchange of running a train on his wife like an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Personally, I believe in the sanctity of marriage (whatever that means) and there’s no amount of fantasy football wins that I would trade in for a night with my wife. At the end of the day, I would have to honorably veto the trade…

so that I could step in and make the trade myself.