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Paul Scheer, multi-talented actor, comedian and star of “The League,” joins Corey and Kyle from Sellout Crowd and the Fantasy Football Advice Network in an engaging and insightful interview that dives deep into the world of fantasy football, exploring strategies, favorite picks, and the lighter side of the game.

Paul brings his unique humor and love for fantasy football to the table, sharing hilarious anecdotes and experiences from his time on “The League” and his own fantasy leagues. Get ready for a laughter-filled conversation that combines the best of sports and comedy!

But that’s not all! The trio also discusses the importance of mental health awareness. Paul sheds light on the 988 Oklahoma Mental Health Lifeline, emphasizing the significance of mental well-being, especially during the fantasy football season.

Don’t miss this dynamic and heartwarming episode that seamlessly blends fantasy football fandom with a commitment to mental health awareness. Hit play now, and join the conversation!