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Too Much Best Ball w/ Josh Larky

June 27, 2024

🚀 Dive into the top 5 teams to stack in Best Ball 2024 and get ahead of the competition! 🚀 Join us as we navigate the nuances of best ball strategy with our esteemed guest, fantasy football expert Josh Larkey. From Packers to Jaguars, Chiefs, Chargers, and Cardinals, discover which teams have the potential to boost your ROI and why stacking is a game-changer.

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00:00 - Intro
00:40 - Underdog Fantasy Overview
03:00 - Get to Know Josh
06:02 - Diversifying Exposures in Best Ball
07:49 - ADP Shifts Analysis
09:49 - Stacking Strategies
13:28 - Week 17 Correlation Insights
19:10 - Best Ball Tournament Strategy
19:34 - Does ADP Matter in Short Tournaments
22:04 - Draft Strategy Based on Position
25:04 - Balancing Ceiling and Floor in Best Ball
26:38 - Key Metrics for Best Ball Drafts
28:00 - Rookie Running Backs
31:58 - Positional Allocation Tips
35:45 - Kyle Pitts Analysis
36:05 - Texans Wide Receivers
38:20 - Deebo Samuel vs Brandon Aiyuk
39:10 - DeAndre Hopkins vs Calvin Ridley
41:19 - Where to Find Josh
42:30 - Where to Find Me