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Top 3 Late Round TEs That Could Win Your League! 💪

June 13, 2024

🏈 Top 3 Late Round TEs That Could Win Your League! 💪

Ever wonder how to nail the tight end position in best ball? Today, we’ve got the tight end Guru himself, Andrew Cooper, to spill all the secrets! Join our host Brian as they dive deep into fantasy football strategy, focusing on those late-round tight ends who might just be the game-changers you need. Are you ready to dominate your league this season? Let’s find out!

In this episode of “Too Much Best Ball,” we discuss the critical insights for identifying the best late-round tight ends. From understanding the nuances of target shares to examining team dynamics, we break down what makes a tight end pick truly valuable. Andrew Cooper, a master of fantasy football intricacies, shares his expert advice, ensuring you have the edge in your league.

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0:00 – Intro
2:10 – Pineapple on pizza
3:40 – Is Die Hard a Christmas movie
6:40 – Fantasy football pet peeves
16:55 – Your Favorite Draft Approach
23:30 – Best Ball TE Strategy
25:55 – Kyle Pitts
30:24 – Late Round TE’s
36:10 – Noah Fant
39:35 – Jonnu Smith
43:30 – Best QB of all time
48:55 – Best Ball 2nd Round ADP
51:10 – Texans Offense
55:04 – OUTRO