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Trade These QBs Before It’s Too Late! Anthony Richardson & Dak Prescott

July 5, 2024

🚨 The Shocking Truth About Anthony Richardson: Trade NOW! 🚨

Welcome to Crazes Corner, where we uncover the hidden gems and pitfalls in Dynasty Fantasy Football! In this episode, we're diving deep into why you should **trade away Anthony Richardson** before it's too late. This Indianapolis Colts QB might seem like a fantasy dream with his rushing upside, but the injury-prone history and shaky passing game suggest otherwise. Could his value plummet soon? Absolutely!

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Curious if you should trade for top-tier QBs like Jalen Hurts or Jordan Love? We've got you covered! Tune in for a controversial take that could reshape your fantasy team. Don’t miss out on maximizing your roster’s potential—trade smart, trade now!

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Don't sit on this information—capitalize on Anthony Richardson's current value while you still can!

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00:48 - Anthony Richardson Trade
06:07 - Dak Prescott Trade
10:24 - Last Player to Trade Away
12:28 - Players to Trade For
12:39 - Sign Off