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Fantasy Football Advice: Week 5 Mailbag

What Is Aaron Jones’ Dynasty Value? I’m in a 16-Team League & Debating Trading Jerry Jeudy or a 2024 First-Round Pick (Likely Pick 11–16) for Him. – @SoCalBallNerd

Assessing the dynasty value of a player like Aaron Jones is indeed a tricky endeavor. As he approaches 29 early next month, the ominous RB cliff is on the horizon. Despite missing three of the eight games this season, Jones showcased his potential with a stellar Points Per Reception (PPR) RB1 performance in Week 1, scoring 26.7 fantasy points. However, the inconsistency he’s shown this season and the Packers’ 3-5 record introduce an element of risk.

Another factor complicating Jones’ situation is the Packers’ upcoming schedule. Facing tough matchups against the Steelers, Chargers, Lions and Chiefs, Green Bay could be 3-9 a month from now. In such a scenario, the team might prioritize the long-term picture. One more injury to Jones could lead to a decision to shut him down, further helping the Packers secure a higher pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

After Jones’ final season under contract in Green Bay (2024), he could get the veteran RB treatment scenario much like Kareem HuntLeonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook this year – signed late and used in a committee approach. Notably, Aaron Jones is already experiencing a career-low four Yards Per Carry (YPC). This is possibly influenced by age, offensive line play and the absence of Aaron Rodgers to keep defenses from stacking the box.

Additional Dynasty Trade Considerations

If you’re exploring trade options, aiming for players on better teams with more consistent volume might be a wise move. Jerome Ford and Alexander Mattison fit this bill. Both backs have sound rest-of-season schedules. They can also be acquired for a more favorable price, perhaps a second-round pick if you’re in win-now mode.

Looking ahead to the 2024 rookie class, it’s a stellar group with names like Blake CorumTrey BensonBraelon AllenTreVeyon Henderson and Will Shipley. With around 14 legit names at the position in the class, holding onto your 2024 picks could prove valuable in the long run.

Bottom Line

While Aaron Jones has shown flashes of brilliance, the potential risks associated with age, injuries, the Packers’ season trajectory and the looming schedule dynamics make exploring alternative options advisable. Considering the upcoming RB-rich 2024 class, the strategic move of holding onto your draft picks might set you up for sustained success in your dynasty league.

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