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Fantasy Football Advice: Week 14 Mailbag

Trade Away Jaylen Warren & Drake London For James Conner? – @Jmags2025

Fantasy football decisions often come down to weighing risks and rewards. This week, @Jmags2025 is contemplating a trade involving Jaylen Warren and Drake London for James Conner. Let’s break down the factors at play.

Jaylen Warren (RB, Pittsburgh Steelers)

Warren has been a steady presence in fantasy, maintaining a Points Per Reception (PPR) RB24 ranking for the season. While he’s had a couple of disappointing weeks as of late, his lowest score remains a respectable 6.2 points, showcasing a high floor. Warren typically sees around three targets per game. However, with new starter Mitchell Trubisky targeting running backs at the second-highest rate from 2017 to 2022, according to a study by Fantasy Points‘ Jake Tribbey, a potential boost of involvement in the passing game is promising.

Najee Harris is also listed as questionable for “Thursday Night Football,” potentially opening the door for Warren to see an increased workload. Looking ahead, the rest of the season schedule presents favorable matchups, especially after the New England game, including contests against Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Seattle – all ranking in the top nine of matchups for running backs over the past month.

James Conner (RB, Arizona Cardinals)

Conner has had one notable game recently, performing well in wet conditions in Pittsburgh. However, the upcoming schedule, including a bye week and matchups against San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia, poses challenges. San Francisco’s defense has been stout, and Philadelphia was also been formidable against running backs until recently.

Chicago, in particular, has improved significantly against running backs, allowing just two rushing touchdowns to the position in the past eight weeks (both against the Lions in Week 11). The concern lies in trusting whether Conner’s standout game was a sign of things to come or a result of a perfect game script with a revenge-game narrative.

Bottom Line

Considering the trade offer, we prefer the potential upside and a more reliable floor of Jaylen Warren over James Conner for the rest of the season. The favorable schedule and potential increased workload, especially with Najee Harris‘s status, make Warren an appealing option.

Additionally, @Jmags2025 added context, saying he didn’t need Drake London. Yet, the luxury of having him might become a necessity as injuries continue to impact fantasy rosters. In this case, holding onto Warren and London could provide a more well-rounded and resilient roster.

As always, individual team needs, risk tolerance and league dynamics play a crucial role in making the best decisions for your fantasy football team.


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