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Fantasy Football Advice: Week 17 Mailbag

What is Your Favorite D/ST For Championship Week? – @Jzamudio24

Has the option to play the Los Angeles Rams, Las Vegas Raiders or Kansas City Chiefs.

The available options for @Jzamudio24 each have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Los Angeles Rams D/ST

The Rams’ defensive unit faces a favorable matchup against the Giants, who will be starting Tyrod Taylor this week. While defensive players like Kobie Turner (6.5 sacks) and Byron Young (6.0 sacks) have come into their own, the iconic Aaron Donald has experienced regression in his 10th season, currently on pace for his lowest sack count in a full season of his career with just six.

Despite flashes of individual brilliance, the Rams’ defense as a whole ranks in the bottom three for takeaways and bottom five in pressure rate. This indicates that while there’s stability in facing a backup quarterback, potential limitations in generating turnovers and consistent pressure could impact their fantasy performance.

Las Vegas Raiders D/ST

The Raiders have shown their ability to put points on the board with four defensive touchdowns in the past two weeks. However, their vulnerability against the run, allowing 4.3 Yards Per Carry (YPC), raises concerns, especially when facing the Colts. The Colts score the ninth-most points per game (23.6) and rank 15th in yards per game (334.4). The Raiders’ recent success may be attributed to opportunistic plays, but their susceptibility to the run could be exploited by an offense that scores consistently. This makes the Raiders an intriguing but potentially risky option.

Kansas City Chiefs D/ST

The Chiefs boast the league’s No. 1 pressure rate, presenting a potential challenge for Cincinnati. The Bengals, with Jake Browning at the helm, have averaged 1.6 turnovers per game in his five starts. However, the Chiefs’ offense has been inconsistent lately, resulting in their defense spending extended time on the field and often giving opposing offenses short fields.

While the pressure rate is a positive indicator, the overall performance of the Chiefs’ defense is contingent on their offense’s ability to sustain drives and control time of possession. This introduces an element of unpredictability to the Chiefs’ fantasy outlook.

Bottom Line

As you weigh your D/ST options for your fantasy football championship, consider the Rams the safest play of the bunch. If you’re shooting for upside and can take on the risk, the Chiefs are the way to go.

Your choice should align with your risk tolerance, team needs and the specific dynamics of your championship matchup. May your chosen defense contribute significantly to your quest for fantasy football glory!

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*Photo Credit: Jay Biggerstaff – USA TODAY Sports*