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Fantasy Football Advice: Week 7 Mailbag

Should I Pickup Zach Evans or Kareem Hunt – @RAMhammer

When you’re facing a crucial waiver wire decision like whether to pick up Zach Evans or Kareem Hunt, it’s essential to consider several factors. Let’s delve into both players’ situations to help you make an informed choice.

Zach Evans (RB, Los Angeles Rams)

Evaluating Zach Evans is challenging due to a mixed college career and limited NFL exposure. Evans entered the College Football scene as a five-star recruit from North Shore High School in Houston. He began his collegiate career at TCU, where he spent two seasons but shared carries with other talented now-rookies, Emari Demercado and Kendre Miller. Evans then transferred to Ole Miss but was eventually supplanted as the starter by redshirt freshman Quinshon Judkins.

NFL Combine results might not paint the whole picture, but Evans’ 4.56-second 40-yard dash didn’t particularly shine, placing him in the 61st percentile. The Rams selected him as a sixth-round pick. This season, he’s had just four carries for 10 yards.

However, the fantasy landscape can change dramatically due to injuries. In Week 6, both starter Kyren Williams and backup Ronnie Rivers went down with injuries, leaving a significant opportunity for Evans. Williams was No. 1 among running back in snap share, with an 85.9% share. He also ranked No. 6 in weighted opportunity (95.9). Royce Freeman will likely be involved, and the Rams might adopt a pass-heavy approach.

Still, on sheer volume, Zach Evans deserves consideration as a FLEX option, especially against a middle-of-the-road Steelers defense in Week 7.

Kareem Hunt (RB, Cleveland Browns)

Kareem Hunt, on the other hand, comes with more established NFL credentials. In Week 6, he saw a season-high 37% of snaps, although he still fell short in total snaps compared to starter Jerome Ford‘s 38. Even in his best game of the season, scoring 16.1 Points Per Reception (PPR) fantasy points, Hunt’s efficiency was still lackluster, with a 3.9 Yards Per Carry (YPC) average.

The Browns found themselves in a run-heavy game script in Week 6, attempting to secure a win against the then-undefeated 49ers. However, the Browns’ game script isn’t consistently going to be that, and Hunt will continue to face stacked boxes as long as P.J. Walker is under center or until Deshaun Watson is fully healthy.

Hunt’s fantasy ceiling might not be sky-high, but he remains a valuable depth piece and a “break-glass-in-case-of-emergency” running back to roster. His role in the Browns’ offense ensures he remains a reliable option in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Bottom Line

In the end, the choice between Zach Evans and Kareem Hunt depends on your specific roster needs, risk tolerance and how much weight you place on each player’s situation and potential opportunity. We would recommend rostering both, if possible. But based on the emerging opportunity in the Rams’ backfield until at least Week 11, it appears that Evans could be the more promising pickup for your fantasy squad.

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*Photo Credit: Ken Blaze – USA TODAY Sports*