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Rome Odunze

WR, Washington

6’3” 212 lbs.


40-Yard Dash: 4.45

10-Yard Split: 1.52

Vertical Jump: 39’’

Broad Jump: 10’ 4’’

3-Cone Drill: 6.88

20-Yd Shuttle: 4.03


Rome Odunze is a pretty close to perfect prospect. There is so much that he does right, and does it to such a level, you can disregard any weaknesses. To be fair his weaknesses are more like things he does to an average level. Its easy to talk about rookies and talk about situations that we want to see, or hope for, so the player can succeed. Odunze is so good; I want people to talk about; in what situation could he fail. If he plays to his floor, what is he? I think he will still be good. I’d dare say he is QB proof.

I think Odunze is a fantastic route runner. Some people think he could do better on his comeback routes, others think he slows down once the ball is in the air. I think Odunze is incredibly instinctive and smart. Have I seen him slow down early for a ball, absolutely. I believe this is intentional. How many times have we seen receivers get underthrown and just stop dead for the catch, and the pass gets broken up. I think he times and manages his speed well so he can make the best play on the ball. He is incredible at going up for the ball, and boxing the defenders out while he does it. I think he is QB proof because of this. I truly believe he sets his defenders up to fail with the ball in the air because he has elite body control and hands.

The consensus on Rome has grown significantly since his combine. Being the only WR of the big 3 in this class to perform at the combine, and to do so at the level he did, was massive for his draft stock. The husky is out of the bag, and Odunze is looking like the 1b to Marvin Harrison Jr.

To try and list off more than 1 or 2 things wrong or needing improvement in Rome’s game is just being greedy of this stellar prospect. Some things like “We want more yards after the catch” … The kid had over 1600 yards receiving! What do you mean you want more yards of any kind!! “He could work harder on comeback routes” …  Per Matt Harmon he was successful 80% of the time on comeback and hitch routes!  “His hands are in the wrong spot to fight off press coverage” ALSO PER MATT HARMON. HE BEAT PRESS 80% OF THE TIME, AND DOUBLE COVERAGE 77%… to ask for more, its just greed.

What more do we want from Rome Odunze? He is a 6’3” athletic freak, with arguably the best hands and body control combination in the class. He is successful running any route, lining up anywhere, against any type of coverage. Odunze belongs in the rookie prospect conversation with the like of Lamb, Jefferson, Chase, Garret Wilson, Harrison Jr… He will be a perennial top dynasty WR going forward.



  • Great Route Runner.
  • Can line up anywhere and win.
  • Incredible hands, unmatched body control.
  • Super agile, very athletic.
  • Elite receiver instinct and skills.
  • QB proof.


  • Could be a better blocker?
  • THE END.