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It’s looking more and more probable that Justin Fields could be a backup for the 2024 season. In 2022, Justin Fields was the QB7 in dynasty and was being taken top 10 in Superflex startups. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to tell people to sell high on him because he is not a good real-life NFL QB. When has a QB been bad for three years and then come out as a franchise QB the following season? Fantasy managers have been blinded by his fantasy numbers and have been ignoring his lack of talent. Because of that, they have suffered the consequences of that blindness.

Even at the beginning of the offseason, when he was being valued as QB14, I still thought that was too high for an unwanted QB. That being said, even I didn’t think he’d be stuck with the Bears at this point. Things are looking very bleak and he is by far the biggest loser of free agency. So, what should you do with Justin Fields?

Future Outlook

Right now, it does not look like Justin Fields has a clear starting job for 2024. The main pathway to being wrong on this is if Chicago trades out of the 1st overall pick to build around Justin Fields. However, based on what the organization and players have said, it does not seem like this is likely. So it seems like his best routes for starting are to either get traded somewhere where he will need to compete for a job, or to wait for an injury to another starting quarterback and have his Bears trade him to that team to start.

Option 1: Sell

According to Keep Trade Cut, he’s still being valued above guys like Deshaun Watson, Kirk Cousins, Bryce Young, Baker Mayfield, and Matthew Stafford. I’d definitely recommend getting out on Fields if you can pivot to one of those QBs. 

Option 2: Hold

If your league is smart enough to know that Justin Fields is worth less than the QBs I mentioned above, then the best route may be to hold until he gets an opportunity. I’d say it’s fairly like he gets another shot. That may not be a clear shot at starting, but, as mentioned before, it could be a shot to compete for a job or to temporarily replace an injured starter. Either way, his value could bump up in these situations.


It’s a rough time to hold Justin Fields. Hopefully, you got out while you still could, but if you didn’t, this could be your last chance if someone in your league still has hope for him. I definitely would not recommend trading for him hoping that he starts in September. Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what you should do with Justin Fields.